5 Things to Do With School or Church Youth Groups

Leaders of youth groups are always looking for something to do out of the ordinary. The following “field trips” should make you the most popular youth leader around. Just remember to get permission slips from parents even if the youth can drive their own cars. Some of these activities are just plain fun and some teach them to work together as a group or a team. Watch who emerges as leaders and definitely remember to take pictures to put in a scrapbook for the group.

1. Go to a movie and dinner – sounds simple but make it a learning activity by asking them to discuss certain aspects of the movie once you meet again. How did the movie make you feel? Did you feel the characters did the right thing? What did you enjoy most about the movie? What did you dislike about the movie? Now borrow a video recorder and have the kids re-enact the movie in their own way. This will teach them to work together and use their creativity.

2. Go Roller Skating or Ice Skating – many rinks hold group skates where they initiate different games and activities. This can be a fun activity for your group. You will find some of the kids don’t know how to skate so buddy them up with someone that does and have that kid teach them how to skate. The only way they get to participate is if they do this. You will find kids that don’t normally get along together very well will often become a little closer.

3. Do a Community Service Project – this not only helps your neighborhood but it also makes the kids feel good. Talk to your community leaders and see what needs to be done. A trash pick up in a park is a good project that only takes the cost of the garbage bags. Or go to a local nursing home and put on a program for them or play bingo with the residents. Nursing homes are always looking for someone to visit the residents. Make sure you take them out for lunch or dinner afterwards as a reward.

4. Go Paint balling – This is becoming an increasingly popular sport among both young and old. You will probably find that some of the kids know about playing paintball and some may even have their own equipment. It is best when dealing with kids to go to a professional paintball field or indoor court because kids that don’t have equipment can rent it there. Staff at a professional paintball court will instruct them on safety. Paintball does require a gun and shooting at people but make this a positive experience by splitting the kids into teams to learn how to strategize and build leaders.

5. Organize team sports – baseball is a good one where both sexes can play without getting hurt. Organize a softball team and practice once or twice a week then ask other youth groups to play a friendly game. You don’t need expensive equipment, just the basics) and instead of uniforms one team wears jeans and a red t-shirt and the other wears blue t-shirts.

These activities will help the kids learn to get along with others and will develop team building and leadership qualities.

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